Every Woman has Destiny and Purpose

Everlasting Love is a social enterprise division of Extreme Love Ministries, a non-profit organization that seeks to end human trafficking, exploitation and injustice in Cambodia and beyond. Everlasting Love (EL) restores women and loves them back to life. Cambodian women living in poverty often have no marketable skills or education, making them vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking into a lifestyle of prostitution or other forms of slavery.


There is Hope

Women who begin our training and discipleship program receive valuable vocational training through sewing while also learning life skills through mentoring. The women get a taste of hope, some for the first time. After training, many women choose to continue their employment to help make EL products, while others discover their destinies outside of sewing. Whatever their journey, we desire to empower them to step into their God-given destinies!


Products that have Value

Everlasting Love makes quality products, utilizing locally sourced fabrics and other materials, to emphasize the great worth and value of each woman that produces them. Women are trained to become artisans, crafting each item individually (not piecewise, as in a factory).


Products that Give Back

When you purchase an EL product you are directly helping to set women free, as proceeds go back to support program costs. Each item is prayed over and crafted with excellence. Handbag styles are named after a virtue or blessing EL women have received while working in the program. Examples include Joy, Restoration, Peace and Hope. As part of their journey to freedom, they then bless the handbags and other items they create. (Read some of their stories here.)


Cycles of Exploitation

Many victims of abuse and exploitation were once at-risk children who didn’t receive help. Extreme Love Ministries, which operates Everlasting Love, believes in breaking unjust cycles and, as a result, seeks to transform both women and their families. Click here to sponsor a former victim’s training and empowerment.

During work/training hours, participating women are able to enroll their children in our onsite daycare. These kids are mentored through special curriculum that teaches Khmer (the national language of Cambodia), English, Bible, and many valuable life lessons. Children older than 6 are eligible to enroll in our Education Empowerment Program, where they can receive support necessary to attend school, thereby breaking cycles of poverty that lead to exploitation. Click here to help support kids in our daycare, or here to sponsor a child’s education.